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SecurID SecurID

SecurID tokens are required for access to MITRE’s computer systems. SecurID works to recognize, prevent, and record attempted entries into MITRE’s computer systems by unauthorized users, while providing access to valid users.

Each SecurID access attempt requires two numbers: A personal identification number (PIN) that is created the first time you use the SecurID token and the number that is displayed on the SecurID token. The number on the token changes at approximately one minute intervals. In addition to the number on the token, the SecurID token displays bars stacked vertically to the left of the number. These bars indicate how much time is left before the number changes. Five seconds after the last bar disappears, a new number displays.

If you have forgotten or lost your token, call the MITRE Help Desk.

Email, Calendar and Instant Messaging Email, Calendar and Instant Messaging

MITRE uses Outlook Web Access (OWA) to allow access to our email and scheduling service via a web browser. Non-MITRE machines have limited access (no attachments).

Pop-up blockers interfere with certain OWA features. To avoid these problems, add the URL for OWA to your popup blocker’s "exception" list to disable the popup blocker for your OWA connection. If you’re using OWA with IE on a system where you don’t have the rights to change the popup blocker configuration, you can try selecting the "Basic" client when you log in to OWA.

TRS Timecard

The Time Reporting System (TRS) is used by all active MITRE employees and Contract System Engineers (CSEs) to record the hours they work each day. The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) requires us to enter all hours worked into TRS on a daily basis after work is performed.

Web Conferencing

Lync Conferencing Lync UC Conferencing is an audio conferencing and data collaboration service that can be used to collaborate with both MITRE and non-MITRE participants. With the appropriate conference ID number, attendees can phone in or use computer audio to hear the conference, and connect via the web to view the data. Conferences must be set up by someone with access to MITRE’s internal Outlook mail or internal Lync Web Scheduler (also available via Remote Tools). Click here for instructions on joining a Lync conference.


MITRE’s VPN client allows you to establish a connection to the secure MITRE network through a public Internet Service Provider (ISP) or a sponsor network without risking a security breach. The VPN client encrypts data while the data is traveling on the untrusted network. Once you have established a VPN connection to the MITRE network, most applications can be used without the need for any special procedures.

If you are using the VPN client from behind a firewall (the typical case when you’re on a sponsor network), that firewall needs to be modified to allow VPN traffic to pass. Information on the firewall network requirements can be found on the VPN web collection on the MII (FastJump VPN). If you need to install the VPN client (MITRE systems only), log into the Remote Access Portal to download the installer. If you need assistance installing the client, contact the MITRE Help Desk.

MBridge MBridge

MBridge provides secure, on-demand access to MITRE business and network resources via one interface, without VPN. MBridge lets you access the MII, transfer/store files, use business applications, and perform other on-network actions. In addition, you may choose to use individual applications, including, but not limited to, the Office productivity suite, OneNote, and Publisher.

MII Mobile MII Mobile

Access MITRE applications from your MITRE-issued BlackBerry, Android, or iPhone. TRS Mobile is a mobile version of TRS which is designed for quick entry of your hours for the current day. (It is not intended to provide all the functionality included in the full version of TRS.) A mobile version of the Phonebook and My Travel applications are also available. BlackBerry users can also download an instant messaging client.

EVDO Mobile Broadband (EVDO, LTE)

Mobile Broadband provides fast wireless broadband access that doesn’t require a WiFi hotspot. With a Mobile Broadband device (MiFi, USB, phone, or laptop) you have mobile access to the Internet. However, you must be within the wireless networks coverage area, and Level 3 acquisition approval is required.

Secure File Transfer Secure File Transfer

Secure File Transfer: A way to exchange large files both internally and externally.

MITRE Secure File Transfer provides a secure and easy solution to transfer large files/folders between MITRE Employees, Sponsors and vendors.

You do not need a SecurID token to access the Secure File Transfer service and servers. You will log in using your MITRE email address and MITRE domain (Windows) password.

This service makes it easier for employees to exchange large files within MITRE and externally with sponsors, partners, vendors, and other external collaborators.